Smith Farms began as a small real estate investment by Greg Smith.  Greg, a first generation farmer, chose to give his hand a try at the trade due to a desire that had been with him to farm since his youth.  The passion began when Greg worked at a local farmers market at the age of 13.  His fascination with various produce that the farmers brought in was all it took to inspire him. Starting with only ten acres over 25 years ago, Smith Farms has blossomed into a key producer of genuine Rocky Ford Cantaloupe.

Smith Farms’ specialty is melons, particularly Rocky Ford Watermelon and genuine Rocky Ford Cantaloupe.  However, we also grow our own sweet corn, tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, okra, chile and various other vegetables.  In addition the farm produces such specialty melons as Piel-de-Sapo, Canary, Honey Dew, French Melons, Rocky Sweets, and Dove Melons.

Smith Farms is the only large producer of produce in Rocky Ford that has less than 75 acres of land.  In the early 1990s, our farm pioneered the use of Drip Irrigation technology in the Rocky Ford area.  As a result, the other growers in the area took note and followed suit. As a small farm, Smith Farms is dedicated to caring for the land properly, maintaining the ethics and integrity of a family farm, and providing the customer with the sweetest melons around.